Skagen, Denmark

Few photos of sweet escape to Skagen










9 thoughts on “Skagen, Denmark

  1. A sweet escape indeed ~ the incredible views you show with your photography match my feeling this Sunday as it feels as if for the first time I can enjoy spring and the warm and sunny weather here in HK. I’ve been in chilly parts of China for most of the past month, so this is a sweet time indeed. Wishing you the best Pearly as we move into the warmer spring time. Cheers to a great week ahead!

    1. I visited Skagen with my friend and we were surprise how chilly it was but we had so much fun. It feels great to feel the spring. It had been a cold and long winter here in Sweden. Its about time for the sun to take over. I hope Miu got my postcard. You too, have a great week ahead. Cheers!

      1. Yes, Miu got the post card and took it to school with her the next day ~ she is still wide-eyed about it. Seriously, nothing quite like the mind of a child to keep us young and thinking πŸ™‚ Spring finally broke for me too, and it feels good. I would think that in Sweden signs of the warming up of spring must really feel good. Cheers and take care.

      2. Aww that’s nice. I was worried she didn’t received it. Am glad she’s happy πŸ™‚

        Spring is always beautiful.
        This may sound too much but with sun coming out, People are happier and more colorful clothes everywhere around the city πŸ˜„

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