just as he thought I don’t see him (just assuming its a he πŸ˜€)

Birdy _ just as he thought I don't see him

Birdy _ sneeky one

Birdy _ sneeky


7 thoughts on “gotcha!

  1. Oh, I’m green with envy! The ones in my garden just don’t oblige!!! (though I managed to snap a dove on my chimney last weekend!)
    btw., its a he, girls are brownish and often speckled (as are young ones) and beaks are towards a dull brownish sort of colour.
    Lovely photography.
    Thanks for visiting, hope you come back when it’s a bit less dishevelled, as I’m transferring my stuff from one blog to another.

    1. Thank you took me a lot patience to wait until I captured him looking on my direction.
      There was another blogger too who confirm that the bird I took was male ^_^
      It’s nice to know. Thank you.

      You can email me your new site or just leave it as a comment to any post I have…would like check it πŸ™‚

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