Who invented the distance didn’t know the longing





28 thoughts on “Who invented the distance didn’t know the longing

  1. Wow, I love landscape photography!!! Wish There were some landscapes around here that I could use, but no it’s all flat and urban. Your work is beautiful, it reminds me of California or Washington.

  2. Hi CJ BANE & PEARL, it’s been awhile since you heard from me and I want you to know that I share your passion. My post don’t depict it but I also have a passion of sharing current event in my blogs. Just beginning on Word Press I experienced signals that tell me mixing up different types of content turn off readers. I propose that in the future I will combine my images with content that expresses my views on what I would like people to know.
    How does that sound?

      1. Nice to have opened my mail and see you both are thinking of me. I have not been active and I must be having blogging block. I been also trying to get myself in gear shooting also. So much going on with the world and in the U.S., I’m just no motivated and I’m trying to over come the negativity that keep staring me in the face everyday. Continue to keep it real where you are and much blessings goes out to your fan base.

      2. Thank you Nsasi. Although there are so many negativity happening around us I’d like to turn my focus on small little things that still make sense and shows hope. I hope you too 😊 Have a good weekend.

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